Discovery Trail Weekend


Discovery Trail Weekend: December 17 and 18, 2016

Join members of the Discovery Trail as they present programs related to “Ithaca Explores Human Origins”, a three-month exploration of what it means to be human.

library-logoThroughout the month of December, TCPL presents the American Library Association/Smithsonian Institution of Natural History traveling exhibit “Exploring Human Origins: What Does It Mean To Be Human.” The display features panels, interactive kiosks, media presentations, 3D skull casts, and a life-sized Neanderthal mother and child statue. TCPL is a co-presenter of “Ithaca Explores Human Origins.” Learn more at

pri-logoThe Paleontological Research Institution’s (PRI’s) Museum of the Earth will be unveiling “Evolution of the Human Skull.” Featuring real specimens and casts, the display will discuss the interconnection and evolution of hominids, apes, and humans by analyzing differences in skull characteristics. PRI is a co-presenter of “Ithaca Explores Human Origins.” Learn more at

cbg-logoCornell Botanic Gardens present “Ah-Theuh-Nyeh-Hah: The Planting Moon”, a collaboration between the Botanic Gardens and Cornell University’s American Indian and Indigenous Studies Program

An indoor exhibit in the Nevin Welcome Center, as well as an earthwork planting in the Pounder Vegetable Garden, will be on display and will explore Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) agricultural knowledge and traditions, and represent the story of Earth’s creation. The display at the Nevin Welcome Center reveals how Haudenosaunee communities are reclaiming traditional agricultural practices as a central way of life today including a display of contemporary and traditional sculptures.

In the Pounder Vegetable Garden the Thirteen Moons Planting, a planting mound styled in the shaped of a turtle is growing plants with Haudenosaunee heritage seeds, using traditional planting methods this represents the Haudenosaunee story of Earth’s creation. For more information visit

Saturday December 17 – 11:00 AM

sciencecenter-229x300The Sciencenter presents “Insect Evolution”, a video from Linda Rayor’s Naturalist Outreach Series at 601 1st Street, Ithaca, NY 14850.  Free with admission to the Sciencenter.  For more information visit:

Saturday December 17 – 2:00 PM  

history-center-logoThe History Center presents “Seeing the World for the First Time: Early Human Concepts of Space and Place”, a talk by Robert Kibbee, History Center of Tompkins County Trustee and retired Cornell University Map and Geospatial Information Librarian. This talk will take place at the History Center at 401 E. State Street, Ithaca, NY, 14850.  For more information visit

Sunday December 18 – 2:00 PM

johnson-logoJoin Johnson Museum of Art educator Carol Hockett for a special program on Human Origins.  Using works from the Museum’s permanent collection, participants will look at a broad range of understandings of creation and human origins, from ancient Egyptian sculpture to contemporary painting. For more information visit

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